Lombok are pleased to support the Trees for Trees community project.

Trees for Trees are a non-profit organisation in Indonesia which was set up to look after the forests of Indonesia specialising in the education of local communities in order to protect the environment for the future.

Helping the environment with your furniture purchase
By purchasing a piece of furniture in the Lombok Trees for Trees scheme, a contribution will be made towards planting new trees and running education programmes in the local communities.

How it works
Each piece of furniture in the scheme comes with a unique reference number. Customers can register their number with the scheme to see where the trees they have contributed to have been planted.
Currently, only selected Lombok furniture items are part of this scheme (and are indicated by the Trees for Trees logo on site and by a green hanging tag in store). Over the coming months, we are working on ensuring all wooden furniture and accessories sourced from Indonesia are part of this scheme.

To find out more about the Trees for Trees scheme visit http://www.trees4trees.org