The Year of 2017


We couldn’t give you a list of things to achieve for the new year without taking a look back at a few highlights! It’s been a whirlwind and we’re proud to see we’ve pushed through the lows and celebrated the highs. From designing the business stage for The Independent Hotel Show, the sofa project which started in July reaching its pinnacle in November to sadly saying goodbye to a few members of our team, (one of whom had stayed with us for 7 years!) But we have welcomed members too and also had fun working alongside Bloom & Wild for a festive workshop, more of which, we can say, will be coming in 2018!


Our Sincere Gratitude


There’s so much more we could say about the year looking back but we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and new clients, our social media followers who’ve all been the reason why we’re here! And we’re so very appreciative for everyone’s hard work and dedication in the team. So a very big thank you and we hope your 2018 year is filled with nothing but happiness and prosperity.


Resolution = Solution + Result


1. Dry-anuary

Aim of keeping the wine locked in the cabinet for those who had a merry old Christmas indeed!



2. Want to participate in more workshops?

Bloom and Wild will be holding a bouquet making workshop at our London Showroom. Keep tight, these upcoming events can be found on our blog very soon.



3. Productivity Tuesdays. 

Most of us usually start work on a Monday and have those awful blues. I guess the day after, we’ve all gotten over the fact that the weekend was then and now we have to get on! Tuesdays are said to be the most productive day of the week so every Tuesday for a month see how well you can stick to your to-do list.


4. Design, design design! 

Spruce up the home with new handmade furniture or an accessory from our sale. You don’t have to do it one go. If it’s your living room, start with the sofa and coffee table. Work your way slowly with soft furnishings and accessories to finishing your dream interior.



5. Tie this is with #1

Drink lots more H2O. Use your phone, diary or calendar to make a habit of writing down every day how much you want to drink. Make the note in glasses, litres or bottles. The more you personalise and the more you make a habit of it, you’ll totally achieve that 1.5L daily recommendation.


6. 6 months.

How much can you save by the time you’re halfway through the year?


7. Keep a Buka box 

For thoughts, ideas and a note-a-day on what you’re grateful for.



8. Clear it out. 

Every now and again take to charity or to your local skip, what you’ve been hoarding for quite. some. time.



9. Try something you normally dislike be it food or a hobby.

Personally I have always hated cooking. I tried doing bits here and there in 2017 and I’m slowing starting to enjoy it. I’m keeping that secret from the family for now though!



10. Snapshot.

Spend more time in the country being at one with nature and take photographs of your days away from the city.



11. Responsibility is a big thing

If this is one thing you’d like to focus on, having your own plant can be a great way to materialise your responsible nature.



12. Acts of kindness.

Carry out as many lovely gestures as you can to the homeless, a friend or family member. That feeling is like nothing else.



13. Be more creative

Crafty projects for your home or for a potential business?



14. Engage more

Change the mood of looking down at your phone whilst eating dinner or on your way into work. 



15. Here comes another healthy one for you homebodies!

Come rain or shine, hop out for a walk everyday no matter what the weather.



16. Make a point of reducing stress

Eat more cucumbers, have a stress-ball to hand, eat oranges and smile more - happy outside, happy on the inside.



17. Cultured cuisine.

Discover a new dish every day, no, something more attainable, every month.



18. Take a holiday!

Need we say anymore!


A new year’s resolution is only really fulfilling when it can be completed hey? Best of luck with your goals and dreams for 2018 and from everyone in the Lombok team, we wish you a Happy New Year!