Out of every room in your home, the bedroom is the one most personal to you - and if you, like us, want yours to exude luxury, then today’s post is for you. Whether your budget stretches into five figures or you’re simply swooning over the bedroom of your dreams, today, we’re examining what makes an opulent sleeping space so darn appealing and how you can replicate this in your own home.

A statement furnishing

If there’s one defining feature of a high-end bedroom, it’s the use of a single, statement furnishing that becomes the focal point of the space. Of course, with luxury design comes a myriad of different ‘subset’ aesthetics to lean towards - from Scandi to minimal - and so your choice of furnishing here can vary massively, depending on the final look you want to achieve. We’ve witnessed all sorts of furnishings used as focal points, including:



Whichever statement furnishing you choose, make sure it stands out for the right reasons - it should add to your space, not detract.

A space for relaxation

The key difference between standard and luxury bathrooms is often size, which means the latter tend to offer a greater number of functions for their owners. For example, using plush furniture and a widescreen TV to create an area to relax in or a small table and seat set for reading the morning paper in peace.
If your space is smaller, focus on comfort, using soft blankets and an overly generous number of throw pillows to make that decadent dream a reality. When it comes to pillows, try using multiple sizes for a classic luxury appearance, for example using 4 large, 3 medium and 2 small pillows.

A treat en suite

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

If you’re going all out in your efforts to achieve a luxury look, then an en-suite bathroom is essential. No longer will you make the laborious early morning missions across landings and through hallways; you’ll have a personal throne sat mere footsteps away.
If budget isn’t an issue, an open-plan bedroom-bathroom could work in your favour. Ideas for this could include a freestanding bath surrounded by palm leaves and sectioned off by Japanese-inspired dividers or a walk-in shower that uses frameless glass to create a seamless transition from dry to wet. The toilet can then be housed in a separate attached room, or hidden away around a corner for privacy.
If the idea of bathing in your bedroom doesn’t appeal, your en suite can remain separate without sacrificing its luxury feel. A large wet room that uses contemporary features and finishes will ensure your bathroom feels equally as opulent as your bedroom. From contemporary chrome shower heads and taps to a large, statement mirror and classic cream basin, planning a beautifully finished en suite requires quality furnishings - so don’t cut corners here.

The latest smart home tech

Home technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past decade - and if you can look past any fears that Alexa is always listening to you, it can bring a surprisingly useful edge to your bedroom’s design. The aim of the game when it comes to luxury home tech is convenience and comfort - and the limits for improving both of these aspects are boundless.
The Sleep Number 360, for example, is a smart bed that allows you to minutely adjust its base, track your sleeping patterns and stop your partner snoring by gently raising their head - ensuring you sleep better and for longer each night. If you’re keen to live out your Hollywood movie fantasy, there are a myriad of options for smart blinds, which allow you to lie back on your bed and open or close the blinds remotely through either an app or your phone’s Bluetooth functionality.

You can even buy (or build) smart mirrors for your en suite that display vital stats and health data specific to you, such as updates on your sleep schedules, nutrition and fitness. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’ll love the somewhat eerie similarity these madly futuristic devices have to the mirror screens spotted in your favourite films.
If a luxury bedroom is what you’d like to achieve, these 4 features will take big strides in getting it there. Whether you’re shopping for chandeliers, upgrading your en suite, dedicating a separate space for relaxation or eyeing up the latest home gadget, creating a luxe look is about supreme comfort, so strike the balance between under and overfilled for the best results.
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Moosa Adam works at 1 Click Bathrooms, the UK's online one-stop shop that helps homeowners build their dream bathroom, piece by piece.