The last few years in home design have been all about the big, the bold and (I hate to use the word!) the 'lux'. Last year, Décor Aid predicted home interiors would take a step away from this ostentatiousness and “tech-obsessed decor” in 2019. And they were correct. The best way to get away from this splendour and tech-driven interiors is to disconnect and to revive your relationship with the natural world. Integrating elements of nature can help revitalise you; improve mindfulness, promote wellbeing and restore calmness.

50 shades of green

Forget the memory of your nana’s wilting aspidistra for starters! When introducing house plants into your interior, you could look at the spaces are small, dank and uninspiring. A house plant will improve these areas, brightening them, allowing the room to breathe and improving the flow of the room.

The size of plant should depend on the space and the look you are trying to achieve. If you don’t have the space, some trailing plants or small ferns can draw attention to design features in the room. However, bigger is always better and will inject some beautiful, fresh tones in your home, creating big impact. I love the feeling of having that element of greenery in your home, I would recommend some personal favourites including; Big Ken, Sharon and Juno (above) from Patch!

The natural tones that house plants bring can be enhanced with accessories that have tones of sage, emerald and jade. Take for example, the Innu and Bronx rugs or the Chevron scatter, which will spread the feel of nature across your home.

Wood you believe it


To get the warmth that nature offers, reclaimed wood and solid teak are two of the best options in achieving a connection with the outside world. Often a sticking point when it comes to purchasing teak furniture can be the association to chopping down a rainforest in aid of a sideboard or cabinet. Keep your eye out for furniture companies who support the Trees4Trees initiative.
Whether you have a bold presence of teak or reclaimed wood or you introduce it in a subtle manner, it can really have a wonderful impact. Home furnishings, large or small, can really be styled in such a wealth of ways in a variety of contexts to create that natural look.  Below you can see some of the looks you could achieve with any of our iconic ranges dependent on your inclination for wood.

Three easy wins

  1. Opt for accessories and lighting that use aged metal. Think of these as discovered and crafted from raw ore in the earth.
  2. Rattan is back and on trend. Light, natural rattan can work with many woods, blending beautifully with light teak or contrasting against dark wood to create impact.
  3. Introduce nature through wall art. Whether it is photography or prints, scenes of landscapes or the earth, art of this kind will breathe life into your home.
If you want to learn more about how you can introduce nature to your home, read our blog 'Bringing Nature Home' here