As humans we have an inbuilt connection to nature. It sustains us both physically – providing the food and energy we need to survive – and mentally.

Nature is perfectly complicated, with detailed intricacies and a defined role for every element. But is also reminds us that we cannot control everything; allowing us to release and find a sense of calm. Even the colours predominantly found in the natural world, hues of greens and blues, often represent calm and tranquility.
There is something about this intrinsic serenity that we like to keep with us, and brining nature into the home is one of the ways we seek to do so. Even the addition of a few plants or flowers here and there can add a great amount of life to a home, almost adding an extra dimension.
At Lombok we understand this connection to nature, and the positive impact plants and links to the outside can have in a home. That is why we work with Bloom & Wild to bring the best plants and flowers into our showroom, and it is why we work hard to strike the perfect balance between human design and natural materials in our products.
As a celebration of the outside and all things nature, we have pulled together our top nine nature inspired items of furniture and our top nine accessories. With something for every budget we can help you bring an essence of the outside into your home.