5.30am. About the only time when you get up for work and you can slip into joggers because it’s day 1 of Lombok’s Christmas Photoshoot 2017. Leaving the house at half six and after a scenic hour-long drive we’ve all reached a beautiful location house in Beckenham. Meet & greets are done, intake of coffee is happening and a team briefing with some very important lists will get misplaced in all that is about to happen!

Whilst everyone was unpacking boxes I took a spot in the cosy study and tied baubles to a rope hung across, what looked like a clothes rail, but more of a handy adjustable pole-on-wheels-thing used by our photographer, Malcolm. Whatever the actual name for it was, it helped us get the shot we wanted!


Malcolm & Georgia were well underway with having the first few shots ticked off the list. In amongst all the flash and clicks we still had time for a festive coffee break with some ginger snaps and a musical biscuit tin!

So whilst one room was being captured, the Christmas bedroom set slowly took form. Or at least that’s what I thought would be the case, but the logistics team are a super fast bunch. Installation of the furniture was already complete and it was time for some styling by Lombok’s head of creative Jamie and visual merchandiser, Enrico. Out came the foliage, dried fruit and the DIY box. Can an interiors photoshoot function without masking tape, duck tape, wire, pliers and scissors? This is a firm, never! When you have to be packed and ready to leave the location house at 6pm by the second shoot day, you’ll need tools which makes putting up easy and taking down even easier.

The next morning is everything a reel up to Christmas day would normally be, wrapping presents, cloves in oranges, baubles on tree and cooking bubble and squeak, which for an Italian who had never cooked the dish before, it made a tasty lunch hour. Good job, Enrico! (Speaking of leftovers, fancy what we cooked up? Read our Bubble and Squeak Recipe here) 

A photoshoot isn't just two days. Referencing a famous television show, it’s preparation, preparation, preparation. Logical thinking benefits the end result in collating vases, candles and pumpkins for a Halloween shot (in and amongst all the Christmas photography) so that, we’re ahead of our own game. A photoshoot requires a selection process of inspiration pictures to selecting our own furniture and accessories materialising the seasonal Lombok look. Then comes the ability to improvise on set in case a little something is missing and so to capture the Lombok gift wrapping service we put the delivery boxes to good use making wonderful empty Christmas presents!

After a little look-through the lens what makes a Lombok Christmas photoshoot? It’s two days on location of a speedy Christmas. It’s pre-organised inspiration in all the stills we’d like to photograph. It’s truly organised mess when one room is created whilst another is stripped down. Most importantly it’s organised fun when you’re shooting the Christmas dinner scenes in a red, gingerbread jumper or a too-small-for-you snowman-onesie - can you spot Jamie in his?