Carved to Perfection

Think again if you thought we’re talking about the turkey! It’s the intricacies of our Keraton Carved collection that lies at the heart of this tropical-inspired look. The carved patterns and the design of the Four Poster Bed is a nod to Colonial time, but not overly intricate, the bed still has an element of simplicity. Handcrafted by our very skilled Indonesian artisans every piece is made to last and elegantly finished with evident teak grains and antique brass drawer-handles. 

A statement piece from this collection is our Lazy Occasional Chair featuring open weave rattan which adds to the classic appeal and elevates its Eastern origin. My personal favourite thing about this chair are the scroll arms, they complete the design in its entirety, boasting exotic charm. To sit on…well, let’s just say there’s a reason why lazy is in the name!

Light Bulb Moments


Here are some ideas to beat the traditions with a tropical-esque bedroom for Christmas…


We know that the Keraton Carved Four Poster bed looks divine on it’s own, but to make a real focal point from it, soft furnishings are your go-to solution. You can have the bed fixed with a canopy so marry up a sheer fabric, and try various ways to drape it across. White cottons will bring a luxury appeal whereas lightweight linen with a grainy texture, steers towards a boho style. Go with, fair-isle-like patterns on cushions and thick, soft, cashmere throws for a seasonal look. 

Try it!

Facing the bed, take your fabric which is not too wide, but has a great deal of length. Hang from the right so that it’s millimetres away from the floor. Move towards the left as if to drape across. Let the fabric in the middle hang a little lower so that it curves down into the bed. Take the remaining fabric and twist the fabric around the left post. Choose your preferential side - it may depend on which side you get up, but the asymmetric drape will look stylish and luxurious ”.



For your exotic Christmas add layers of fresh foliage. Attach together by wire which you can then use to wind round each post so it all stays across the head of the bed. Place ornamental pink pineapple stems either over the foliage or in a vase and again with wire, link dried oranges to the green. With a canopy, pair back on fruits and greenery and simply hang holly and ivy trailing down each post…it’s just enough Christmas without taking away elegance.


Your room needs just the right amount of lighting at night and at reachable distant so you can stay warm and cosy before nodding off. With its quirky pineapple design and copper finish the Beth Table Lamp is on trend and ties-in with a bohemian boudoir. Any lampshade would do but we recommend an eight-inch shade which will pose beautifully on both sides of the beside tables from the collection and create a serene bedroom mood. 



There’s plenty more you can add to wake up in your tropical winter bedroom; plants with mini baubles, floral scents or pop some hanging lanterns in your bay window above our day bed. Stick with three exotic essences, three Christmas hints all entwined with our Colonial Keraton Carved furniture and you’ll have mastered the style.