With just over one week to go before Christmas we teamed up with interior stylist and podcast extraordinaire Emma Morton-Turner, who showed us how to create the perfect festive dining table. Emma spent an afternoon in the London showroom turning one our window displays into a festive haven. In her own words, here’s Emma's tips on the perfect Christmas table setting, plus a timelapse video to bring it to life. 

“We used the beautiful Baxter Bond Oval Dining Table as our table setting - dressed to create the 'wow factor' on Christmas day.
The theme we've gone with is gold as it incorporates many natural elements. We started with the table runner, which is made of fern. Rather than using Christmas tree cuttings we have branches from a fern tree - fern stems are thin so they act as great food matts. When placing the branches make sure they face different ways - the stems must overlap.
After laying the base, we added small logs which you can get from a florist. Add a few of these to the table to give it a bit of shape and height - I’d recommend using a maximum of three logs.
The general rule with styling is to have three items together. Three works well, but if you have a bigger table odd numbers in general work too. We then added candle stands, so we placed three along the table. Group two at one end of the table, bringing one down towards the other end. Add a mixture of red and white candles, these can be placed on the logs too.
As well as fern, add berries. These can be cut from the garden and placed on the table. If you are planning to put food on the table then it’s good to think about where you might place the dishes, so you can avoid putting berries there. It might be a good idea to place them along the edges of the fern.
We then added more candles and tea lights, specifically ones with interest, different shapes and heights, but staying true to the natural tones and colours. The baubles on the table are placed randomly - the berries quite easily act as stopper to get them to stay exactly where you want them.
Lastly, the place setters. We used red matts and three plates per head. Fold a napkin twice and put on top of a side plate. A bread plate should be placed to the side of the dinner plate, but try to make it as central as possible. To make your guest feel really special add a little gift to the top plate, which can also be used as a name badge. 


And of course, the most important part, don’t forget a wine glass and a water glass laid next to the cutlery. And there you have it - the perfect Christmas dining table set.”
The roast is arguably the most important part of any Christmas Day, which is why you need to get the table decor just right. If you've been inspired by Emma's festive table styling, head over to her website Inside Stylist to get more tips and listen to her weekly podcast.
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