It’s Wedding Week at Lombok! To celebrate the Royal Wedding, we sat down with a member of the Lombok family, who is powering her way through wedding preparations. We thought it’d be nice to share her experience on getting hitched, the highs and lows. 

Lombok Graphic Designer Rosie got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2017, here's her story: 

Q: How did you and your partner meet?

R We met at Oxford Brookes University. We've been together seven years and counting. It’s about time really, we’ve bought a house together, so the next natural step was marriage.


Q: How did he propose?


R: We spent NYE in Oxford, in our favourite hotel. As we’d just bought a flat, I had absolutely no idea he was going to propose - we had no money. Little did I know he had a secret bank account, which he used to save up for a ring. 


Q: Lovely, so when’s the big day?


R: 25th May 2019. I know it’s more than one year away, but I’m so excited. There’s still a lot to plan.


Q: From the time you got engaged, how long was it before you started planning? 


R: Wedding planning is stressful. If you want to tie-the-knot within one to two years, I’d recommend starting as soon as the ring is on. We went venue shopping two weeks after and were shocked as every venue we looked at was booked until November 2019. Like most, my ideal wedding would be in Summer, but it’s such a popular time we were struggling to find anything. However, luck was on our side when we stumbled across a gorgeous Barn which only caters for 12 weddings a year. We were incredibly luckily as we were able to pick and choose our date.


Q: How much has your partner been involved?


R: He has, but obviously I’ve taken the lead. I’m more creative, which means I can visualise things better, like styling the flowers etc.  We have chosen the church, caterers and entertainment together. All the fun stuff!


He’s promised to look at wedding cars. Ideally, we’d have a VW campervan to fit with the theme; rustic, country, festival. 


Q: What would you say are the peaks of wedding planning?


R: There are no peaks! No, I lie.


I guess, the peak is excitement for the day, and of course shopping for the dress with my mum. My mum loves it. She knew I was getting engaged before I did and had already started looking for venues. 


Q: You've touched on the style of your wedding, tell us more.


R: We’re having a traditional wedding ceremony in a church and move into a Barn for the reception. The theme is country, festival so it’ll be a fun environment for our friends and family to celebrate. Our evening guests are staying in Tipis - Glasto, watch out!


Q: Sounds amazing, you can't go wrong with a festival. Do you have a gift list?


R: I haven’t pulled it together yet, but I do have an account with Prezola. It’s really easy, I can attach gifts, as well as contributions from guests who want to help out with the honeymoon or experience days. 


I’ll slowly start pulling items together, but like most modern couples, we live with each other so we don’t need much in terms of homeware.


Q: Any ideas what your gift list will look like?


R: We’re currently renovating our new flat, so we’ll definitely need home decor to fill it. 


We’re planning to go on a US road trip for our honeymoon - ideally, we’d get some help towards experience days for the trip. Other items will likely include diningware, artwork, and perhaps the Mahsai Chair (it’s hard not to add something from Lombok!)


Q: And finally, have you got your dress?


R: No! I’ve been to one dress shop to try on different styles, but I am yet to find the one. However, I’ve got quite a few appointments in June and July. Exciting!


If the Royal Wedding has got you as excited about wedding season as we are, then head over to Prezola. Prezola is a modern way to create your wedding gift list, which is full of beautifully handcrafted home decor by yours truly.


If you’re not ready to start a gift list of your own, but looking for an activity to kick start your wedding preparations, we are hosting two Bloom & Wild wedding bouquet making classes. Bring along your bridesmaids, fiance, or friends to the showroom on Saturday 26th May, and experience the real art to crafting your own flower bouquets. Book the morning workshop here or afternoon here.