An aesthetic marked by functionality and minimalism, the new nordic is a modern evolution from the ever popular Scandinavian style. Introducing pastel shades of soft lavender, sage and blush pink, they act as subtle inserts of colour when juxtaposed against the muted tones of grey, white and navy we all know and love. Additionally, the new nordic element also injects a combination of intricate global patterns that still embody the bold sharpness of traditional Scandi motifs, creating cosy textured layers and depth to your room, undoubtedly the perfect antidote during the chilly Autumn/Winter months.

To help you make your home a cosy hibernation haven, we have put together a list of our top seven products, all of which embrace the seasonal shift perfectly.

1. Siamese Side Tables

2. Bantal Cotton Cushion In Fawn

3. Artisan Nesting Side Tables and Artisan Cross Leg Coffee Table

4. Dimus Throw

For more inspiration head on over to our New Collection to browse all of our Autumn/Winter products.