Together with Bloom & Wild, Lombok hosted a wreath making workshop last Wednesday evening in our London showroom. We were amazed at how quickly the two sessions sold out and it was great to meet everyone - eager beavers, ready to get creative. Guests soon felt toasty from the outdoor chill with a Prosecco-greeting and excitement built when they saw the Bloom & Wild display of craft goodies. 

Some pictures from the event…


Here’s a how-to guide on creating your homemade wreath, including some exclusive tips from Bloom & Wild Florist, Rachel Drazek. 

What you’ll need…





Floral Wire Conifer Pine cones
Scissors Ivy Dried limes
Double Wire Frame Eucalyptus Dried apples
Gloves - if you want to use
greenery with prickly needles!
  For more - read all of
Rachel's tips below

Let’s begin!


Firstly you’ll want to lay some old linen or newspaper so it isn’t such a big job to clear up at the end!


Rachel says: When designing your wreath, decide whether you want to go for a traditional Christmas feel or something more wintery wild  - this will help you pick the perfect decorations to achieve your desired look.

Step 1

Gather your choice of foliage in bundles. This will give a wispy and splayed out look but you can always keep it neat and compact the more wire you use to attach greenery to the frame. You could also use a lot of shorter bunches to make a fuller wreath.


Rachel says: Branches and dried flowers are great additions to increase texture and interest. We’ve been using metallic leaves and copper stems in our workshops which brighten up the wreath and copper is great because it’s on trend.

Step 2

Take one bundle and at an angle attach to the frame with some wire which ideally you’ll want to keep spiralling through the frame and consequent stems without cutting it. Add the next bundle and have a sense of direction. Notice that the next one will be at a slightly different angle but still anti-clockwise or clockwise to your first bunch. 

Step 3

Keep going around your frame intermittently holding up your wreath and stepping back to check it’s well-balanced. If any areas look uneven you can always manipulate by bending into the frame and securing with wire.


Step 4

Once you’re frame is fully covered do the ‘shake test’ to see how it holds - any loose ones can be fixed now before you begin decorating!


Decorating like a Pro

We’ve seen wreaths that have a bow at the top with a small ditsy pattern of berries, which is nice and traditional, but perhaps your home suits a contemporary design of  dark blue thistle with white cotton plant buds? The options are endless! We went with the power of three…in three spots!


Rachel says: Decide where the top of your design is and think if you want to evenly space things out or create one key area of focus. You don’t always have to use wire. Now that you have a layer of leafy greenery you can weave stems through or tie bows whilst enveloping hydrangeas. 


Experiment with glitter! Often we stick with plain dried fruits and flowers but a little touch of shimmery branches or sparkly apples often gives that extra Christmas cheer! Its one way to get the happy medium of natural and authentic with dazzling decoration.


Step 5

Finally, loop some pretty ribbon around the top for easy hanging. That’s it! 

Wreath Winner!

For the wreath making event we set a competition and we enjoyed checking out some photos from our guests with their outcome and skills. Take a look at some of our entries…


If you want to see who was announced as the winner, head on over to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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