Comforting layers, knits and an abundance of candles..

With the chilly Autumn evenings now upon us, there is no better feeling than arriving home after a long day and snuggling up in the warm. Whatever you consider as being cosy, whether that be opening the front door and having a comforting scent hit you that makes you feel at home, cuddling up on your sofa under a blanket, or having that designated corner where you can hide away with a good book. Home is where you go to relax, spend time with family, a place that you can call your sanctuary. Your home interiors play a crucial part in making your house feel like a home, from comforting layers, warming candles and chunky knits, we have put together a few inspirational tips on how to master the art of being cosy.


Layering fabrics on the floor

Living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway, rugs are a great way to create warmth and texture in any home. They are also perfect at breaking up large spaces, injecting splashes of colour and are great at creating depth to any room. Layering rugs, whether on solid hardwood floors or on top of carpet, is a smart, simple and trendy way to create texture, it is the ultimate cosy hack. Become daring and mix up patterns with plain, and light colours with dark, for the contrasting bold element.

Multiple fabrics on the bed

Your bed is the place where you should feel the most comfortable, its our snuggly place of comfort where we can hide from the dark cold evenings. With the seasonal shift now upon us it is the best time to go full hibernation mode and re think how you can optimise your bed’s cosy rating. Layering your bed with various fabrics, colours and patterns that all compliment each other beautifully is the way to go. From multiple scatter cushions in contrasting colours and patterns, a large chunky knit blanket to lay along the end of the bed as a runner and sheets that contrast the colour of the duvet cover for depth.

Chunky knit blankets

Whether draped over your sofa or placed on your bed as a runner, chunky knit blankets aren’t just the best snuggly companions while you cosy up witha hot chocolate and book, but they are also a trendy addition to your interiors.


Scented candles

Never underestimate the power of scent, whether that be your favourite signature scent candle or diffuser placed strategically around your home or experimenting with seasonal scents such as warm spice for the Autumn/Winter months. Having a scent that reminds you of home and makes you want to cosy up isn’t only beneficial to you, but it makes your home inviting and welcoming to your friends and family.

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