Hosting a dinner party comes with an array of various trials and tribulations, from the guest list, seating plan, the choice of cuisine, whether or not theres a dress code - the list goes on. From an impromptu gathering of friends to a full blown formal 3 course meal, you want your function to be a success and to be remembered. Not only are you testing your hosting and culinary skills, you’re opening up your home, so it is the perfect time to give it that wow factor and make sure it’s the best it can be. Below we have put together four top tips to help you get prepared, plus we have injected some Lombok inspiration by including our favourite dining room furniture and accessories.

First Impressions

When inviting people into your home making a great first impression is key. A few simple measures such as ensuring that your entrance hallway is welcoming through minimal clutter, theres room on the coat rack and flowers on the console go along way in making your visitors feel at home.

Choose a signature fragrance

The power of scent should never be underestimated, by introducing some scented candles to your home doesn’t only create a welcoming atmosphere but also sets the tone for the evening. You could even take it that one step further depending on the season or occasion, warm and spiced for the winter months, floral and light for the summer.

Theme your evening

Creating a theme is an ideal way to decide on the menu choice and table design, whether that be based upon seasonality, culture based around cuisine, or an idea based upon a film or book, choosing the theme of the night is the best starting point for planning your party.

Fresh Flowers

Whether you’re heading down to your local florist or creating your own DIY arrangement, flowers are a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere either dotted around the room or as a centre piece for the table.