At Lombok we are very proud of our relationship with Hypnos who have been experts in producing the highest quality of handmade beds within the UK for over 100 years, so much so that the Queen has these beds in her residences and has awarded Hypnos the Royal Warrant in recognition of their service and expertise.
Hypnos produce a collection of mattresses and divans which are exclusive to Lombok, these are made with the finest fillings including luxurious cashmere & alpaca, organic cotton, wool, & lamb’s wool, and breathable layers of horsehair & bamboo to regulate body temperature during both the Summer and Winter months.

The Hypnos factory and head office are based a short train journey from London which was so handy when my colleague Sarah and I made plans to visit them to learn all about the process of production used to create Lombok’s exclusive Hypnos mattresses and divans.
Upon arrival we were welcomed by Kerry and Clive and given a short introduction  to Hypnos, their history in this area which is historically linked with the artisan craft of producing by hand their beds of exceptional quality and comfort, and the fantastic reputation of Hypnos in the area which has resulted in many generations of families in Buckinghamshire continuing to choose to work for this world renowned company.

Sarah and I were amazed, as we toured the factory, at how much of the process involved in manufacturing these beautiful beds was undertaken by hand rather than introducing machinery.
Each divan base is entirely constructed by hand from the building of the wooden frame, to adding fillings, sewing the fabric upholstery, and securing this in place.  Each mattress and divan is labelled by the person who has completed it to show how proud they are of their skill and their confidence in the quality of what they have made.

We loved being able to test our skills stapling the fabric divan cover in place, and hand tufting mattresses but we decided perhaps we haven’t missed our calling on this occasion and left it to the experts.