International Shipping
Lombok are now able to deliver our collections, both furniture and accessories, globally.
Costs for shipping are quoted on a case by case basis and calculated based upon the complete order volume and weight which will be calculated for you.
VAT guidelines
We are often asked about sending orders without VAT for customers outside of the UK, however the guidelines for this from HMRC are very strict and we will not deviate from these.
HMRC rules dictate that if you are VAT registered company outside of the EU and able to send us proof of this prior to ordering, we can issue a pro forma invoice excluding VAT  for a shipment being sent outside of the EU.
For an individual requesting to ship an order outside of the EU, we must charge the VAT in advance.  However, once you have received the shipment and have the shipping documents confirming the order has reached its final destination then you are able to claim back your VAT.  This refund must be processed within 3 months of the despatch date.  
To claim back your VAT you  will need to provide copies of your shipping documents, along with  your passport confirming you are a non EU citizen.
Please ask for further details if required at the time of placing your order.
To enable us to create a quote for your specific needs, please send your name, full delivery address, contact details, and the product names of the items which you are considering ordering from us to
Once we are in receipt of these details we will search for the most competitive shipping cost from professional shippers including UPS, TNT, FedEx, DPD, and DHL and send you a quote which will include insurance, along with an estimated lead time for completion.
Once we receive your order confirmation, we will send an invoice for payment.
Once paid in full and the complete order is in stock, we will despatch within 2 working days.  You will be sent a reference number in order that you may track progress of your Lombok order.