Robb Wright is a new, up-and-coming British furniture designer. Fresh out of University, he’s making waves with his beautiful octagonal inspired Scandinavian collection.

At Lombok, we’ve managed to get exclusivity to this collection – collection.2017 is now available to view in the showroom and online. We hope you like the collection as much as we do. 

After qualifying from BA Architecture at Kingston University he set up his own furniture line. Every product is designed, prototyped and tested by Robb so that quality is ensured. Robb believes that furniture should represent its owner and therefore each bespoke piece from collection.2017 has its own character to represent the clients’ style. 

We sat down with Robb to hear his story:

How did the collection come about?

“The collection grew out of a house renovation project I’ve been working on alongside my sister, her boyfriend and their new house. They’re both creatives, I’ve been working with their style, but trying to create a bespoke design that could be altered. I had already made the lamps at this point, so the table was my next project.
The Okto lamps came part out of my University experience, part looking at the industrial style that’s caught consumers’ imagination at the moment. I really like the fulfilment bulbs which can be quite harsh - I was trying to add designs to collection that have a similar style, but are softer for the home.

The lamp follows the trajectory with an octagonal section, which allows for more freedom without hindering the design. An octagonal shape can do so much more, in addition to this, using wood as the main material adds a certain touch which you can’t get with metal. The table lamp grew out of the floor lamp, so it was an idea of scaling it down and finding a size that will work on a table.

The table came after the octagonal design – I also added the Scandinavian style by removing the edges and making it as minimal as possible. “

What’s your favourite piece of the collection?

“To be honest, it’s the table - just because it’s the show piece. The table lamp is also a big favourite due to the proportions - it came after the floor lamp, but it feels a lot more delicate.”

How did you get into design?

“It’s been a part of my entire life. My Grandad owned a joinery factory which got past down to my father. I did a lot of small projects with my Grandad before he died – I then moved into the factory when I was about 14, doing work over the summer.

After University, I went back to work for my Dad - I ended up designing and building this collection. I’ve been there a year now which has given me enough time to work on this project.
My sister moving into her own home allowed me to put my work somewhere – it’s there to be used. They’ve been the trial run, to see what works and what doesn’t. I think they’re happy with the collection.”

What’s next?

“Lighting and sustainability.

I’ve been doing a lot with lighting, in particular pendent lights. I’ve also got a couple ideas based on using sustainable parts of wood, left over from other projects.

Working at a joinery over the years, I’ve seen that wood with imperfections and discolouring are thrown away – which gives free reign of all the leftovers. I’m trying to make those imperfections the beauty of it, of the piece. If you look at a knot you think it’s a blemish, but a lot of the public are now looking for that in their furniture pieces – they’re looking for something that makes the wood look real. So, trying to make those blemishes into a piece is the aim at the moment. “

Robb’s industrial, urban style is prominent in everything he produces – from his catalogue to Instagram feed to furniture. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.

collection.2017 is now available to view in the showroom and online. If you want to explore more of Robb’s design, head over to his Instagram or online portfolio.