Unlike the prominent spot that your sofa proudly claims in your living room, or the corner of your study that is cordoned off especially for your armchair which is radiantly lit from your spot light lamp highlighting its importance, the accompanying footstool or some may prefer the term ottoman, is seen as removable, an add on without a pride of place. Footstools can prove their worth within your home in various ways, and can become a focal point within their own right, and not just in your living room. Below is some inspiration on creative ways to utilise and expand the uses of your footstools.

Alternative to Coffee Tables 

Be a little creative when it comes to your coffee tables and side tables, instead of going for the traditional, why not substitute glass or wood for an upholstered footstool? Not only is it softer and cosier, but it also means you can occasionally put your feet up when its not in use. Choose a stool that has a slightly firmer top so it will balance a tray sturdily, you can use the try to hold books, candles, flowers, any sentiments of your choice, its the perfect still life set up.

Hallway Seat

Placing your footstool in your hallway, whichever style or shape it may be, instantly primes it as a focus point and gives it a sense of importance due to it not being over shadowed by your sofa. It’s a convenient spot to sit while you take your shoes off at the front door, not to mention the cosy first impressions it’ll give off when visitors walk in. 

Window Seat 

Not only are window seats cosy, quaint and the perfect reading spot, using your footstool as the leading man brings an abundance of furniture hierarchy, it’ll never feel so important or have more pride of place. 

End of the Bed

Elongate your bed by placing your footstool at the bottom of it, not only is it an additional place to perch but it could also act as a place to display bedroom sentimants. Using a decorative tray would be a great way to do this, similar to utilising your footstool into a coffee table. You could use this space to lay out a few of your favourite books, magazines, or current bed time reads, as well as personalised ornaments or keep sakes. Choosing a footstool that has storage included means you can store away any blankets or cushions that you aren't currently using. 

Bathroom Display 

If you have the benefit of having a large bathroom then there is nothing that feels more pampering then laying out your towels onto a softly furnished footstool, with a tray alongside it holding candles and bath oils. It adds an air of comfort and luxury amongst its accompanying hard surfaces.  

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