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Texture is the heart of interiors and with our beautifully handwoven fine wool rugs or 100% natural hides your bedroom, living or dining room will have its finishing touch.
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Tri Cowhide Rug
£170.00 was £415.00
Innu Cream Rug
£405.00 was £540.00
Rabat Rug
£236.00 was £315.00
Lucien Smoke Rug
£326.00 was £435.00
Bronx Rug Blue
£285.00 was £385.00
Eyre Grey Rug
£356.00 was £475.00
Cowhide Honey Rug
£311.00 was £415.00
Cowhide Dark Brown Rug
£311.00 was £415.00
Cowhide Sand Rug
£311.00 was £415.00
Bronx Green Rug
£165.00 was £220.00
Bronx Taupe Rug
£165.00 was £220.00
Bronx Yellow Rug
£165.00 was £220.00
Bronx Coral Rug
£285.00 was £385.00
Bronx Sand Rug
£165.00 was £220.00
Lucien Teal Rug
£395.00 was £955.00
Lucien Navy Rug
£180.00 was £240.00
Lucien Cream Rug
£510.00 was £680.00
Lucien Silver Rug
£180.00 was £240.00
Lucien Charcoal Rug
£305.00 was £410.00
Lucien Charcoal Border Rug
£360.00 was £480.00
Lucien Putty Border Rug
£198.00 was £265.00
Lucien Mocha Border Rug
£198.00 was £250.00
Lennox Geometric Rug
£330.00 was £445.00
Complement your furniture and accessories with the must-have interior detail - our rugs, available in two sizes and handwoven with fine wool or our 100% natural hides that are always unique to shape, colour and pattern. Build on all those lovely textures and soften the flooring in your bedroom, living or dining room.
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