Leftovers on any normal day always seems a little dull. Christmas day’s turkey frenzy leaves you feeling so overcome that the day after, leftovers are all you want! Heart-warmingly delightful enters Bubble and Squeak. Get stuck in to our recipe below…

Leftover List

Knob of butter

Salt & Pepper for seasoning

Diced onion

Mashed or roasted potatoes

Leftovers like, cabbage, swede, brussel sprouts, parsnips…

For meat-lovers bacon makes a superb addition

How long is a piece of sprout?

Preparation time is close to 0.00. If you have all the vegetables you want from the day before, you’re good to go. But if you do want a fresh flavour, cut up some extra veg.

Chef’s Tip

Kept away from Brussel sprouts on Christmas lunch? It could be nice to shred them than have them whole. The disguised greens will more likely be a hit with kids and guests than the recognisable Brussel sprout! Boil them to soften and add to the mix.

Cook up a storm…

Choose a pan big enough to accommodate the amount of vegetables.

Melt the butter. As soon as it has melted add the finely chopped onion till they appear translucent.

Add all vegetables including either your mashed or roasted potatoes.

The traditional way is with mash and it does help for all the vegetables to bind together, but if you’ve got roasted potatoes, you can add a beaten egg instead.

On medium heat, keep frying and pressing the mixture down into the pan. The ingredients will tightly knit together. Brown on both sides - Here’s where you can show off your ‘flipping’ skills!

Once you have that golden brown colour, your yummy dish is ready to cut and serve.


Stylist’s Tip

When setting up for dining, antique white or soft grey linens are perfect for dressing the table. Throw in some natural elements of ivy, white pumpkin and apples to set a calm, warm and homely feel. This will take away the trouble of formal and overly stylish.
For those that do want a little more detail, dot some candles, off-centre on the dining table or casually place mini red and green baubles so that everyone doesn’t feel that Christmas wasn’t over and done with in just one day!

Merry cooking and happy eating all!