We’ve been busy at Lombok, alongside the launch of our new Design Studio ‘Ochre House at Lombok’, we also launched our new Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. SS/18 introduces a new category to Lombok, Made to Order – which allows you to choose from a variety of beautifully upholstered sofas and armchairs. Designed by yourself, from hundreds of fabric and finishes, the upholstery is unique to your style. You are able to be the design-lead because we’ve opened our own workshop in Portugal. This is an exciting chapter for Lombok, so we visited Portugal to share the story of Made to Order upholstery;  how it’s made, what it takes to make these pieces and, most intriguingly, by who.





Based near the northern city of Porto, we have fifteen superbly talented Portuguese artisans, who put their heart and soul into creating our handcrafted designs - it’s their passion, you only need to look at what they produce for affirmation. Historically, family-run ateliers made their mark with traditional techniques and brilliant craftsmanship that brought about the finest result. Today, Portugal is a world- class design hub off the coast of the Mediterranean, full of busy workshops where tradition meets contemporary, without skimping on finesse. The process begins three months before we’re shouting out about a new collection. After the creative design journey, it’s over to our busy and organised artisans for carpentry, cutting solid wood, machine stitching fabric, and upholstering - all by hand. The fabric is pulled tight around the edges of furniture and stapled into place - you can only imagine how curved edges require the most skilled craftsmen. Perhaps to someone with no upholstery skillset this is the most skilful step of all. The upholsterers have been experts in their craft for years, and Porto is a place famous for it. The best thing about upholstery arriving in London is the stamp of heritage we can proudly convey, knowing the best quality is produced in-house, and delivered straight to your home.

Our workshop in Porto, not only fuels artisan creativity and allows them to develop their craft, but it provides you with the freedom of designing a sofa of your choice. When the colour isn’t quite to your taste or the texture doesn’t feel like… well, you - it’s nice to know you can enter the showroom and change different aspects of the upholstery. Made to Order is just that; an endless choice of fabrics, a range of finishes, seat depth and foam filling waiting for your inner interior designer to pick and choose. Who says premium can’t be for everyone? It’s important to us that our upholstered collection is handcrafted exceptionally, but still accessible on the high-street. Made to Order allows us to do this; we have 360 degree control, which reduces price and the delivery time.

Next time you’re in Portugal, look out for the craftsmanship which the Portuguese are famous for – handcrafted is how all upholstery should be made. Nothing beats furniture built by skilled ateliers.

If you’d like to hear more about the Made to Order service, please email webenquiries@lombok.co.uk. Or head over to any upholstery on the website, choose a product you like, and come in store or call to design the furniture of your choice.  

Lombok - Designed in London, Made in Portugal