When deciding on new furniture for your home the considerations at the forefront of your mind are normally dominated by the aesthetic contributions the new addition will bring, such as what style to go for, the types of materials, colour themes and where you’ll be spending your money. Its takes your furniture to arrive for the realisation moment to kick in ‘will this even get through the front door’. We understand that the design aspect of the buying process is the most exciting part, and its likely that most of us have faced the dreaded moment where you have to wave your beautiful sofa that you chose so thoroughly back to where it came from.

Before you even start choosing your perfect sofa, bed, storage unit or wardrobe, you need to check that it will physically fit into your home to avoid disappointment. Low ceilings, narrow hallways, spiralling staircases or awkward door frames can make the logistics tricky. We have put together a small to-do checklist before you purchase.



Time to measure

1.The Front Door

As the first hurdle you must face when manoeuvring your furniture into the house its key to plan ahead. The best way to check that it will fit is to take the smallest measurement, if the width of your front door is wider then it’ll fit through, always ensure theres enough wiggle room of a couple of centimetres to avoid damaging and scratching both the furniture and door frame. The door itself can also become a hinderance, so if it can’t be removed or opened 180 degrees then its best to allow another few inches wiggle room. If there is a wall directly opposite your front door it might require you to flip the furniture another way to avoid it. If that is the case you’ll need to measure the largest length and be sure that the height of the door frame is larger so the item fits comfortably - always allow for extra room.

2. Hallways and internal doors

Once your furniture has made it inside, there is still the obstacle of navigating to the chosen spot. Whether that be narrow doorways and hallways, hanging light fixtures, or awkwardly places radiators.

3. Staircases

Staircases can come in a range of different sizes and varieties, from a narrow spiral staircase, L shaped, curved to simple straight stairs. The simple trick to ensure your staircase isn’t going to cause logistical problems is to make sure there is enough height between the ceiling and the banister, and ceiling to the stairs, as if pivoting fails then more often than not the easiest most effective way is to lift over the banisters.

4. Lifts

If the delivery men need to access your property via a lift the same requirements apply, make sure the lift door is large enough for the furniture to get inside - the same method as measuring the front door. Depending on what you’ve purchased, whether that be a heavy solid wood bookcase or a chest of drawers, you’ll need to check the maximum load the lift can take before proceeding.

Insider tip: The above is under the assumption that you live in a house, if you live within a purpose built flat then you’ll have an additional hurdles to face so don’t forget to think about the external doors, staircases and hallways that may cause an issue.

X Marks the Spot

When you purchase furniture online the convenience factor is always pretty high, yet you always face the risk of not really knowing what it’ll look like sat in your chosen spot. Despite what the measurements say, a sofa can always look slightly bulkier in person or a bookcase can look a little too tall for your low ceiling cottage. A pre purchase tip is to get some string the same dimensions of the product and lay it out in the exact position, that way you can get a rough guide as to whether you’ve made the right decision.

The Big Day

Before the furniture arrives there are a few things you need to do to make sure it is a seamless and stress free delivery process; If any doors need to be unhinged make sure they are removed and put out of the way before the delivery men arrive Make sure the path way to your front door and the internal route to your chosen spot is kept clear and free of any obstacles such as rugs, light fittings and other pieces of furniture Delivery men are always considerate of your current furnishings and belongings but If you have any fragile ornaments nearby that need moving or if its bad weather and you have any rugs/carpets that you’d feel more comfortable covering up with plastic protectors do so beforehand to save time. Any pets are temporarily put in another room to avoid any injuries


Here at Lombok we are proud to offer a premium delivery service; furniture is delivered by a team of experts and assembled on site. Our drivers will unwrap and remove the packaging of your item(s) and place in the room of choice. For more delivery information head on over to our website.